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Understanding and Counseling Children of Color
 African American and Latino children and families have different cultural expectations that do not always fit in with the theories and activities clinicians were taught in school.  Participants will learn:
  • How the clinical needs of all children should be individualized
  • Cultural considerations that should be taken into account when planning interventions
  • Clinical interventions to use with children of color
Embracing the Rainbow of Emotions:
 working with traumatized youth
Children and adolescents who have experienced trauma and/or grief and loss, are not always able to verbalize their feels and instead display negative behaviors that cause them to get into trouble.
 Participates will learn:
  • How grieving or traumatized children now experience life
  • How to work with a child who shuts out his/her feelings
  • Intervention on working with a child who is acting out due to the trauma
*Watch this Trauma Documentary on YouTube
Innovative Healing Techniques and Treatment Planning for Youth
Techniques used in this seminar will be the strengths perspective, cognitive behavioral and expressive therapies.
Participants will learn:
  • Activities and techniques to increase patience and increasing focus
  • Activities and techniques to gain insight and gain respect for others
  • Activities and techniques to gain self respect and esteem

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