Rays of Hope Kids, Inc. 
is a non-profit corporation whose purpose is to provide advanced level groups for children ages 5-12  who silently suffer from bullying, anxiety, neglect, trauma, low self-esteem or fear. 

Our goals are that your child will establish an improved outlook on his or her academic future,decrease negative thoughts and attitude about his or her selves, enhance decision making skills,and assist in the development of an improved self-concept.       

Mission: To help children understand and control their feelings, by building coping skills and resolving emotional conflicts, so that they can have a successful future. Vision: Children will make positive decisions, therefore improving their self-concept and outlook on their lives.  Our Mission and Vision  Low self-esteem is the underlying cause of fear, anxiety, anger, panic attacks, dependence and lack of assertiveness, depression, eating disorders, addictive behaviors, relationship problems, social anxiety disorders and dependent personality disorders (The JNP Project, 2014).

Our Groups  
I’m In Control - acquire safe ways of coping with anxiety, giving  you a sense of control. 

The Me I Want 2B-learn to  handle adversity in positive ways and instill self-pride. 

Owning My Anger- know that you are allowed to get angry, but what gives anger a bad reputation is how you react to your anger. 

Inner Voice- express your inner feelings with peers and learn appropriate expression of feelings. 

Rainbow of Emotions-"Appropriate Expression of Feelings"focus on a feeling and a color associated with that feeling.  

All activities will be based in different art media to assist in 
non-verbal expressions of emotions.     

Help for those who silently suffer from: 
Being excluded or ostracized 
Low self -esteem